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Thanks in part to a generous grant from a Pathways to Jazz Grant awarded in 2015, I recorded my first CD, Not Spoken, featuring all original compositions for jazz quintet.  I am deeply grateful for the amazing musicians who play with me on this recording: Sam Williams, sax and flute, Josh Reed, trumpet, Bill McCrossen, bass, and Art Lande, drums.

To inquire further, please contact me here.

Please enjoy these selections from my CD Not Spoken.

What a blessing to have Emily’s lovely and hauntingly beautiful melodies dancing in our ears on this cd.  Some of the most interesting music I’ve had the pleasure of hearing.  It’s all in there…. Jazz, ancient music, African influences, 20th century classical abstractionism, blues, you name it, it shows up in some unexpected form as her voice.  Bravo!

Vlad Gershevich – Denver area composer and jazz pianist

Emily Takahashi, vibrant pianist, composer and interpreter of both the worlds of classical and jazz, puts forth her jazz debut album. Textured, rhythmic and melodic, Emily shows you can have it all, and still swing. Compelling listening from a pianist deserving of a wider audience!

Jayn Pettingill – Bay Area saxophonist and KCSM 

Cup of Jazz radio host

Emily’s compositions are creative, fresh, intense, humorous, and, over all, beautiful music.  And   let's not forget she is the pianist too.  A wise selection of players bring the compositions to life: whether solo pieces by Emily on piano, or Bill McCrossen on bass, or the full band,  where Art Lande masterfully embraces the drums, and Josh Reed (trumpet) and Sam Williams (sax) shine on their solos.   Wow! Congrats! Wonderful CD.

Victor Mestas Perez – Boulder area jazz pianist

and Yamaha endorsement artist

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